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Things I love about Delta: the really nice flight attendants that wake me up for snacks, @lotusbiscoff cookies, and being in this commercial. Because for the month of October, flying @Delta helps fund breast cancer research through @BCRFcure. (If you're wondering: the commercial will be playing as in-flight entertainment on all domestic flights.) So it goes without saying: buy your ticket from Delta, contribute to finding a cure, and catch me on your flight. Lastly, I have had the honor of speaking to women, from all walks of life, who have bravely fought breast cancer. Two years ago, my aunt lost a very long battle to breast cancer. And 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. I have seen the heavy toll this disease takes on women, their children, their partners, their friends and family. So today, I am humbled, and incredibly grateful, to act in service of life-saving research. I salute all those who have beat it, all those still fighting, everyone affected, and each person who is working on/contributing to finally finding a cure– because fighting for your life is the biggest, bravest fight of all.

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